Sunday, January 16, 2011

Those who hate God love death

By Dan Holman

Many pro-lifers are upbeat about the confirmation of Judges John Roberts and Samuel Alito. They are hoping the U.S. Supreme Court will somehow reverse its outrageous decisions on abortion, pornography, sodomy, and euthanasia. I do not envision the Supreme Court as an instrument of moral reform.

Some state legislatures are testing legal waters by passing laws to regulate abortion, and abortion clinics. Why are the battle lines drawn so far back? Is immorality all we can legislate? Why is it unthinkable to deny Planned Parenthood our tax money? Most conservatives are favorable to fighting same-sex marriage, but lack the moral courage to outlaw sodomy, adultery, and fornication as did our forefathers. Log Cabin Republicans have established a cozy homestead within the Republican Party.

America’s love affair with abortion is on the wane, but for wrong reasons. Public opinion prefers “women’s rights to baby’s rights.

Most pro-life organizations attempt to win favor with aborting mothers in an awkward backhanded attempt to save children. They appeal to the aborting mother’s selfish motives as they try to convince her that birthing her child is in her best self interest. “Women deserve better than abortion!” they say. Pro-lifers appear “non-judgmental” or indifferent of the choice the aborting mother makes. They portray the aborting mother as a “victim” when baby is the real victim. “Planned Parenthood lied to me; they didn’t tell me I was killing a baby!”

Those who frequent the death camps should see through these sickening lies. Most aborting mothers refuse literature; they stop their ears from hearing, and avert their eyes from viewing pictures of aborted children. Few of them change their mind upon receiving information on abortion.

What shall we say to 33 years of state sanctioned baby-murder when abortion finally becomes illegal? Who is capable of apologizing to 50 million slain? How shall we compensate their loss and the loss to others?

In a wrongful death suit May 11, 2001 the Arkansas Supreme Court ruled that a 12 week pre-born child is a person. Why does that biological reality not extend itself to other states and other times?

Abortion will end at last when there are but few children to abort.

The absence of children is deeply noticed and felt. Most American couples have two children or less. Childless couples adopt overseas children. The SS (Social Services) steal children under color of law. They need children in their system to justify budgets and existence. Schools compete for students. Buses travel to and fro, half empty, aborted ghosts peer out windows, yet the NEA is pro-choice!

Teen pregnancy is declining, not for moral reasons; birth control and sodomy contribute to America’s birth dearth. The sodomite agenda is taught to school aged children of which many are embracing.

Euthanasia, the new frontier, faces the same legal challenges as abortion. Will parental consent, 24 hour waiting periods, parental notification, and informed consent be Right to Life’s future agenda?

Is abortion and suicide right for you? Ask your doctor!

We live in dark times; “even darkness which may be felt” Ex. 10:21. The Supreme Court will inevitably fashion itself to public opinion. It may take a civil war, a foreign invasion, or a coup d'é·tat; but feet should be dangling at the end of a rope on that great day. I have a dream.

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