Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Illuminati

The Illuminati


The Illuminati 2


The Illuminati 3


Illuminati III Murdered by The Monarchs


If you deny the fact that an Illuminati even exist, then you are either a part of their system or ignorant as stupid can be.

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Dantalion Jones said...

There are some sick secrets out there about how to make total mind control slaves … unbelievable.
It should be no surprise how far the Illuminati will go to gain control of the world.

Here is a book that will detail the mind control techniques used by the illuminati to create mind control slaves.

These are TRUE MIND CONTROL SLAVES that are being made and used for drug mules, international

assassins, sex slaves, suicide bombers and secret messengers. This could be anyone, from your

congressman to your cable guy.

It is 350 pages of detail descriptions with illustrations.

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