Thursday, April 3, 2008

What Makes The Government Tick?

Evolution is one of the key elements in studying the psyche of the opposition. They believe that zero plus zero equals everything in order to sear their conscience even more. In other words, take God out of the equation because they don't want to think that they will one day have to give God an answer. The New Age mindset couldn't be more wrong. Here are some videos I've posted that exposes this dangerous way of thinking. These videos are 100% New Age!

Legend of Atlantis part 1 - Dawn of the Gods

Legend Of Atlantis part 2 - Secret Brotherhood

Legend of Atlantis part 3 - Secret Prophecies

Legend of Atlantis part 4 - Return of the Lightmasters

Could this next video be true? Maybe that black spot seen on Jupiter was just a shadow of one of her moons?

If you have watched the 4 part series "Legend Of Atlantis" then this next video should help you piece together the puzzle.

The picture I'm getting is, all worldly knowledge leads to the worship of Lucifer. If one were to advance in this form of learning, they could go on to Satan worshiping. Every Satanist, I know of, recognizes that God created the heavens and the earth. They are fully aware that there is a hell, and they want to take as many as they can down with them. This is the most advanced information anyone can get in the whole world! If you have any doubts then read Aleister Crowley's Autobiography, Blavatsky's Theosophy, or any of Anton LaVey's books. The Bible is a better source of knowledge. It gives you hope and is a road map for a better eternity.

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